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18 December 2002 PHC writes:

It looks like Brian McWilliams (BMcW) is at it again, attempting to convince hackers to break the law so that he may get the proverbial "scoup". Offers of fame and lucrative computer jobs are often used to tempt the young hackers into Mr. McWilliams web of deceit. Like some sort white van driving pervert he stakes out our fair channel as if it were an elementary school in search of that child with a sweet tooth for fame.

P.S. If any of you have done any mean things to Brian, we'd like to know. Submit your war stories/sound bytes to funny ones will be posted for all to enjoy.

Brian's website, currently backdoored good luck finding the hacker:
Brian's latest voicemail message: sprint-relay.mp3


Brian S. McWilliams
28 Laurel Lane
Durham, New Hampshire
Phone: (603) 742-9401
eFax: (413) 480-1293

ICQ #60720996
PGP key ID 0xB81BA748
ssn #469-74-5563


Brian McWilliams


Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. M.F.A., Writing, 1983.
Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts. B.A., English, 1981.

Notable Accomplishments

Hacking Saddam Hussein:

It seems our not so honorable reporter felt it was ok to break into computers for a story. Isn't there something in the reporters book of ethics about not being the story?

Interviewed by foxnews about the incident, Brian is on the fast track to being part of the respectable news team at fox.

Writing a sensalational story on a hacking group that hasn't been around for nearly a year:

Is there any merit behind your claims besides rumors you picked up harrasing people on irc? Is this even news or human interest or anything anyone would care about except 12 year old slashdot readers who think they are hackers?

Frequenting incidents mailing list:

It seems Brian has a long history of promoting his articles by reffering to them on various mailing lists.

other examples include

Microsoft To Prioritize Security Bugs and Personal Firewall Springs Leak

Virus Girl Finds Hacker Boyfriend:

No comment necessary. You stink, you stink.

Text of Brian's article on blackhat activity (mysteriously all of the text reffering to them as intelligent disappeared, until Brian was informed of the mix up):

When hackers broke into Ryan Russell's server and plastered his private e-mails and other personal files on the Internet last week, Russell tried to shrug it off as a harmless prank.

But Russell, editor of Hack Proofing Your Network and an analyst with, also seemed shaken by the incident.

"There's a group out there whose goal in life is to show they're smarter than you and they have the tools to do it," said Russell, a "white-hat" hacker who goes by the nickname "BlueBoar."

Unfortunately Mr. Russell was later fired by securityfocus because of the revelations here by Mr. McWilliams. Securityfocus hired him on the condition that it did not get out that he was also the infamous black hat, Blue Boar. Mr. McWilliams carelessly disclosed Ryan's hidden identity and has caused nothing but pain. It seems his Full Disclosure journalism has taken another victim. Your story was more important than the people involved. For shame... for shame. If this is what McWilliams does to his coworkers, I don't want to be on his bad side. Yes McWilliams is also on the securityfocus payroll.

The latest info on Ryan Russell:
-Recently employed by snosoft, the gutter of the security industry
-Let go by snosoft, for failing to meet his weekly obscure exploit quota
-Collecting government cheese to get by
-Sideshow Bob type plots of revenge against McWilliams are in the works no doubt
-Plans of a securityfocus-sponsored XSS list went out of the window when arch-nemesis Cade Cairns offered to accept XSS advisories on vuln-dev
-Recently questioned by authorities about accusations of child-beating stemming from a PHC news letter