I'm into comps again...

In case you don't know, Ron Dufresne is an active contributor to numerous security mailing lists. He's a formidable firewall ruleset creator and he knows a lot about TCP ports.

As you can see by visiting the links above, one of Ron Dufresne's pet pastimes is writing about "scriptkids" and "lamers". He has been actively involved in this work for the last several years. The channel occupants of #phrack (collectively known as PHC) became victims of Ron's scathing and traumatizing remarks made on the Full-Disclosure mailing list. Time and time again we wondered how Ron could project such bitterness towards us, and we only managed to fend off his negative vibes through very deep meditation and chakra realignment.

Since he hasn't been getting any interesting mail for the last couple of months, we decided to throw his spool up on the website. It seems to be mostly security list junk, but let us know if you find any treats. He is a very lowly Project Mayhem target, so we're not making much of a sacrifice here. Rest assured that other targets are still being actively monitored so, yeah, keep up the faith.


Unlike other scriptkids, we like to credit our sources:

Thanks to the Bugtraq, Vuln-Dev, and Full-Disclosure mailing lists for making this possible. We couldn't have done it without those intricate cross-site scripting vulns that have been pounding the lists for the last year. Thanks to all those researchers who invest a lot of time and energy towards these attacks.

In case you're wondering, we were able to track down a teen porn site that Ron Dufresne frequents. We couldn't hack this server because we don't know how to code exploits or run them, so what we did was plant an inconspicuous CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING ACTIVATION UNIT in the site's forums. When Mr Dufresne visited this forum next, he unwittingly mailed us his password for the porn site. Password reuse theory stood strong again when we were delighted to find that Mr Dufresne used the same password for his account. Incidentally, the password was 'br4dp1tt'.